Pricing for Keynotes

Compensation for up to one hour:

   * Within one hour drive of my home base of downtown San Diego:
        $5000 − no additional expenses, other than client-provided A/V.

   * Within three hour drive of my home base of downtown San Diego:
        $6000 plus expenses.

   * Flights within CA, plus Vegas, Reno, and Phoenix
$6000 plus expenses.

   * Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, FL area between October and June
        (an excuse to visit my parents) :
.         $6000 plus expenses.

   * All other US locations:
.         $7000 plus expenses. 

   * Canada and Mexico:
.         $8000 plus expenses.


*  Pricing above is for any/all of Milo’s one-hour solo presentations.
,       Add $1000 for 90 minutes.
,       For even longer presentations or for Milo’s duo/trio program
,       (which vary by who is available and where),
,       please contact him with details for pricing.

*  If the client prefers a flat rate where travel expenses are included in the price
     so they can budget accordingly, the client can add $1000 and only cover the hotel
,      nights and parking. Milo will cover all other travel needs instead of invoicing after. 

       Note 1: This offer may not apply or need to be renegotiated if the event is short notice
(making flights more expensive) or if an expensively-remote location makes it
,                      impossible to cover such costs within $1000.   

Note 2:  If the client chooses this option, we ask that a bureau not take a
,             percentage on the added fee, which is basically intended to cover expenses.

*  Hotel stay is one or two nights, depending what time the program is and whether it’s
reasonable to catch a flight back to San Diego that evening at this time yet,
so a second night could be possibly required.

*  For the sake of covering emergency situations, we encourage clients to never have a
,       main-stage speaker fly in on the same day to save one hotel night, even if
the program is late afternoon.

*  A/V is covered by the client; see Milo’s A/V Requirements page for details.