A/V Requirements

1)  Lavaliere (clip-on style body microphone) for me. Cordless headset style lavaliere rather than the lapel clip type is fine as well.  I move all over the stage and act sections out so dedicating one hand to a microphone (or worse the lectern mike) and the other to the PowerPoint remote does not work well.

2)  PowerPoint projector and screen.

3)  Either the laptop pretty close OR a confidence monitor so that I can see the slides in front of me instead of looking over my shoulder constantly at the screen.

4)  Remote advancer for slides (I go too fast to be hovering over a computer pressing enter or having someone there do it for me)

5)  Some conferences require that the speaker must provide the laptop, but for a mainstage presentation Iike this, I always recommend that the client allow me to send the PowerPoint in advance and have their laptop loaded with it and ready to go . 

     This has several advantages: 

  •       all the A/V can be taken care of before I arrive, reducing everyone’s stress
  •       I’m fully present to greet and speak vs. playing amateur A/V guy at the last second
  •       my laptop becomes a backup in an emergency instead of being the counted-on one
  •       if anyone else is using PowerPoint, there’s no hardware to switch.

6)  Recommended for groups of 70 or larger: One or two handheld microphones for a really fun game or two where I get audience volunteers to come up and play a game in front of the group or if I ask people in the audience to comment on something.  Can manage without it, but it really helps.